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What is CatDV?

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CatDV Pro
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CatDV Server
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For companies that create or manage a large volume of digital media CatDV helps teams organize, communicate and collaborate effectively. Its simple, yet powerful tools support some of the world’s most sophisticated media workflows and provide the flexibility to work your way. 

CatDV is a media asset management system that consists of a suite of products, providing a scalable, cross-platform, media asset database that can handle a very wide range of file types.

CatDV creates a catalog of all kinds of media assets, not just video (although enhanced support for video content is included) but also still images, audio files, PDFs, etc. You can log metadata against your media making is searchable using key words, not just clip titles. It also provides analysis and transcoding of media files with advanced logging tools, sequence editing and integration with non-linear editing applications.

CatDV Components

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Archive Plug-in
With its scalable and modular architecture the CatDV product family has an offering that’s right for every user.

CatDV Integration

CatDV can operate and manage a wide range of tiered storage. We support many storage solutions (in fact anything that can present itself as part of the file system) and in addition have many proven deployments with a range of SAN and NAS systems. On archiving side, CatDV can track on-line and off-line media and its location. Find out more here.

Square Box Systems operates a quality assurance programme for its approved integrations. In addition we are pleased to distribute some of these through CatDV’s dealer network:
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CatDV Sector Solutions

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Corparate Video
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Post Production
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CatDV Datasheet Downloads

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Find out which version is right for you

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