Niche Video Products, Inc.

Niche Video Products, Inc.

Changing the world, one configuration at a time…

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Move or migrate data
offline to disk or tape.

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Replicate data to
ensure high availability.

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Back up desktop
and laptop data to disk.

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Move or migrate data
offline to disk and tape.

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Advantages of the P5 Suite

  • Easy operation with step-by-step introductions
  • User friendly browser interface, available everywhere
  • Runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris
  • Data safety across platform limits
  • Fits into existing hardware environment
  • Joint use of resources for several modules
  • Supports RAID, SAN, XSAN, NAS and iSCI storage
  • Compatible with virtually any Tape Hardware (LTO-2 to LTO-6)
  • Integrations with hardware and software partners
  • Flexible, scalable license model

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Data management at every step of the life cycle

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