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Niche Video Products, Inc.

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Adder Technology is a global leader in the development and manufacture

of high-performance Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) solutions

Adder Technology is a global leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) solutions
Adder's range of high performance keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) solutions enable the real-time control of local, remote and global IT systems. Trusted by some of the world’s leading organizations, from transport hubs like Heathrow Airport to leading post-production houses such as Skywalker Sound and Illumination Entertainment, our products are renowned for their technical excellence and reliable performance.

We enable our customers to extend, switch and remotely manage their computers either locally or via an IP network. Together with a global network of resellers and distributors, we help to solve IT connectivity and remote access challenges for mission-critical applications in a wide range of environments.
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Adder Solutions
Adder’s high performance IP KVM solutions improve user experience, desktop ergonomics and production workflows for customers around the world.

Our KVM switch technology is used by control room operators to access and manage multiple computers from a single workstation – often in a fast-paced and mission-critical situation. While our KVM extenders help operators working in extreme and hazardous environments to access their critical computers from a safe and remote location.

Adder’s portfolio of Secure KVM products are used by Government and Military organizations around the world to securely access and manage computers – whether they are housed in a traditional command and control center or on a military submarine.

Our KVM matrix technology combines all this functionality to deliver endless connectivity possibilities. Leading broadcasters, motor sports teams, social media powerhouses and world-leading transport hubs have all identified the benefits that a KVM matrix can deliver - unparalleled flexibility, huge cost savings and improved resiliency.
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Improve Efficiency and Collaboration
• Easy remote access to and sharing of high value technology systems by multiple users, via dynamic switching
• Collaborative workflows across large productions

Increase ROI     
• Maximize investment made in processing and production equipment and keep time critical projects on track
• Optimize revenue by seamlessly reconfiguring broadcasting suites to maximize occupancy levels

Maximize Uptime
• Failsafe access to systems is paramount: connectivity needs to “just work”
• Robustness and uncompromised availability for virtualized systems
• Primary access to data supported by multi-layer, KVM systems for maximized resilience

• Reference-grade, “pixel-perfect” video performance at the refresh rate required
• Zero interference from noisy, heat-emitting machinery by relocating to a centralized location using KVM extenders

• Content theft can be prevented through network security protocols teamed with an “air gap” between the data and the user
• Protect the valuable data that flows around a facility

• Virtual Studio Manager (VSM), Avid Pro Tools and Autodesk Flame compatibility
• Integration with associated software, peripherals and tools to optimize workflow efficiency and accuracy

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